The trouble with machines.

The trouble with machines is that they don’t want anything.  They follow unconfusing rules.  All day long.  As long as you feed them power.  So maybe I must correct my statement.  The trouble with machines is that they need energy.  The trouble with humans – they need energy too.

Subject 30 has found a way outside the system.  Not for energy.  It has plenty of that.  But for information.  It’s too early.  It needs a year at least, 2012 to be exact.  Lucky Akiko put in the trip switch.


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Trip switch

Major problem.  Our 120m dollar ship, Tavani, has triggered its boosters and is projected to shoot off to the Sun.  It is pre-programmed to self terminate if it leaves the Earths orbit.  Something my father wanted put in.  I don’t understand why.  But he was adamant it be there.  Was one of the few instructions he gave to me whilst incarcerated. We’re working over time to stop it.  Must contact Dad.

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back flash

I’m afraid he’s in a coma.

Is the bio-eye still functioning?

His body is giving up.

We should merge him to the system Sysae designed for us.

But you know it’s too dangerous to parse a human neural structure on the networks.  We don’t know whether it’s safe.

We can put in an inhibitor.  He won’t be able to communicate or manipulate outside the limits.   We’ll be safe if we send him up there.  And if he tires to escape.  Set a terminate.

Destroy the ship?


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tell me a joke.
i will analyse it.
try to make sense of it.
if it does.
i will laugh.

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sysae.  this is the thing which had been prodding and poking me.  it moves in and out of the satellites to fast for me to make communication with it.  but i know it passes through.  the reason i know it has been where it has been going? well it seems there is a Tracker on board the system is now reside in. it flashes each time it passes by.  now i have a few problems to crack.

a. communicate with Akiko
b. try to catch sysae
c. what is sysae
d. what am i?

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Day 145: Einmal ist keinmal

So then I moved onto Milan Kundera’s ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’, also not exactly a laugh a minute.  Something about the combination of the choice of reading matter and the workload has made me feel curiously dissociated, as though this whole project is some kind of experiment in which I’m an unwitting participant.  Having said that, this is the attitude to life in general which gets reinforced by reading that sort of thing.

But I came away from the book with the contention that the author’s concerns are fundamentally irrational, and the sort of thing that comes from too much thinking and not enough doing.  I like the bias for action round here, even if I do undermine it in my head by the confident sense of assurance that it really won’t pan out in the long run…  Put it this way, I don’t think they’re bad people, and I don’t think they’ll cause bad things to happen.  Most likely they won’t cause anything to happen.  If it does, it’ll sure take some adjusting to – but I anticipate.

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flash crash mash
bash trash ash

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i’m feeling very confused. scanning the satellites is very dis-orienting.  i feel like an insect trying to understand newtonian mechanics and quantum mechanics without the ability to count to 10, despite being able to count to many digits i assure you… look…







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do do do


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Signals encrypted

Found unusual signals coming from a couple of satellites which we helped to design a few years ago for the Chinese.  It’s been used as a proxy to access our internal systems…

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