Day 159: Sabbatical

I’m taking a little time off.  In fact, thanks to the efforts of some friends – coopting the services of an agreeable local psychiatrist – I’ve been signed off work with stress.  There’s a curious inversion here: reverse paranoia.  I’m an unreliable narrator, so if I were to say that my enemies had conspired against me to get me signed off work, that wouldn’t be plausible.  How plausible is it to assert that my friends are conspiring with me?

Well, whatever.  I’m taking a short interlude while I consider whether I want to keep working for them.  (One guess as to the answer.)  Somehow I get the impression that just handing in one’s notice isn’t done.  In fact, I get the impression that my job involves (at some level) picking up the pieces from the last time something like that happened.  But, you know, medical advice can’t so easily be ignored.

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