Day 117: Unexpected interview

Rather a curious experience on what I thought would be my first day at work – they interviewed me.  Maybe this was just some kind of mix-up, or it’s their policy, but I was told I’d definitely got the job – actually, that’s the only reason I agreed to do it, and even then I had second thoughts.  Actually I asked during the interview whether they’d actually decided about it already, and there was a certain amount of hesitation and checking clipboards, but they eventually said yes.

Even then it was a bit of a strange interview.  It wasn’t the classic Oxbridge admission interview, where they ask (allegedly) notoriously bizarre questions to establish how you think, like how long a piece of string could be, how many angels can dance on Wayne Rooney, etc.  But it definitely seemed to have a creative aspect – they kept asking very open-ended questions (curiously I can’t recall any examples) to which there clearly weren’t correct answers as such, and they wrote down everything I said with great diligence.  Very odd.  I felt a bit like an oracle, and became irrationally fearful that something I said is going to mislead them in some way, they were taking me so seriously.

Oh well.  They’re very interested in language.  I might have responded over-exuberantly to that – started using words like ‘nescient’, ‘limn’, ‘orthoepy’.  I’ll know if they start using my conversations in any kind of language corpus.

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