Let there be light…

Easter Sunday.  Had lunch with dad.  Watched a few home videos of birthdays when mum was alive.

Extract of one of the videos filmed sometime during the mid 80s:

Dad and Mum singing Happy Birthday as they bring out a large pink cake with the image of Ghostbusters.  It has 6 candles on it.  All lit.
Akiko jumps up and down excitedly! and screams “traveling at the speed of c”.  Dad says, “and what is c exactly again Aki?”, as he pretends to walk away with the cake.  Akiko runs off the tip of her tounge, almost singing it “299,792,458 meters per second!”.
This causes one of the candles to do out.
“Oops! The flame has gone out. Let’s light it again Aki” says Mum.
Akiko runs and fetches the lighter off the counter, in the process jumping on the carefully places box beside it.  She slips…

All the candles go out.


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