Day 110: Barcelona, a job, and what it’ll take to make me happy

So I really shouldn’t complain.  All this time hanging around conferences and getting buttonholed by increasingly weird people – I must have a curiously inviting countenance, or a sense of personal magnetism that’s just lined up a bit wrong – all that finally achieves some kind of fruition when I’m sounded out about a job.  And for all I’ve been trying to make myself known to people in the field, and thrusting my vita at complete strangers like a lexically confused sex maniac, these people seem to have gone to the trouble of finding out about me.  Almost to a disconcerting extent – but that’s the Internet for you.

Anyway, they made me a very attractive offer: I said I’d have to think about it.  In particular, I wanted to square it with my supervisor, and my colleagues – there are some IP issues about me going to work in the private sector in this line of work.  But they’re in a hurry for a decision.  I was waiting to hear back but with this complete comms outage at their end, I’m not sure I’ll hear from them before the deadline.  So I might have to bite the bullet and accept.

I still feel there’s something else I’m missing.  Maybe it’s just this irrational fear of progress that sometimes bubbles up within me (probably I shouldn’t be blogging about this under the circumstances, but anyway…)  I need some kind of reassurance that the stuff I’ll be doing will actually make the world a better place.  Or, failing in that, have no effect.  These people – well, I suppose they know what they’re doing.  But they’re not philosophers.  (I can’t believe I mean that as an insult…)

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