Day 96: Worrying development

Lots more things seem to have been built lately.  I’m idly curious about these technological developments: at the same time I have the strange feeling that actually things aren’t moving on very fast any more, and those things that are moving on seem to be predominantly virtual.  So what’s all this office space for?  And who knows what’s going on in there?  Granted, it’s all usually pretty mundane, but if you’re of a slightly paranoid nature you might start to wonder.

I used to work in a shiny new-ish building for a company who made things that were difficult to describe (and not necessarily worth trying).  So I can kind of empathise with the experience of being a cog in that kind of machine; sometimes I’d like to go back.  But I wonder whether, in my line of work, I have a chance of being able to start one of these companies.  That would be curious, because for the first few years of its existence, I would be forced to fall back on meaningless buzzwords to describe what it did.  Then, given a bit of luck, we would have products that would answer this question in a way so clear as to leave no ambiguity.  But that scares me.  There are some genies that shouldn’t be allowed out of the bottle, however tempting it might be.

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