XCV: 3 years ago…

3 years ago…

ST: Ok Susan.  Running the the algorithms now.  Blink twice if you start to feel uncomfortable at all.  The algorithms are updating.
AT: 95% so far Dad.  All vitals look stable.
ST: Steady as she goes. We’re getting there.  We need more power Akiko.  Turn on the Solaris II and switch on Sysae.
AT: Don’t worry mum.  Things are going to go black for a bit but this is Sysae despatching your neural paths to its AI pathways.
ST:  That’s right.  It’s going to take over now.  Just remember how we did in in the dry runs.  Think of the same patterns we decided.  Sysae will recognise it’s you and start to augement the de-generative parts.


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