Day 53: modifications

Spinoza, a modern philosopher and contemporary of Descartes, holds the view that everything in existence is fundamentally one substance. This one infinite substance is God. For Spinoza God is not a transient creator of all the things, rather God is understood as the sole substance itself. God is not the creator of the universe, God simply is the universe in its entirety. All individual things like humans, mountains, cars are not separate substances but rather modifications of this one substance: God.
Though this is just a preliminary sketch of Spinoza’s metaphysics, I was wondering how he would reconcile the existence of the virtual. We could understand the virtual as just another modification of the existence of this one substance in which our physical world is grounded. But often we think of the virtual as a separate entity onto which we import and export data. But how much is the virtual world a separate substance from us and how much is it just a modification of our physical world? Especially as the technologies become more and more advanced, the virtual world permeates into my physical world and the distinction between the two becomes increasingly harder to draw. I am an e-mail address, I am a student ID number, I am a Skype account, I am a virtual modification of myself.
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