MEMO 39: Problem with biological hybrid eye

TO ALL: biological eye implant division

Today had test subject 30 come in to our premises to have his Tavani biological-hybrid eye (model Allcing I) looked over, the second time in a week.  He had been experiencing character recognition failure at Level 0 of the algorithm.  User is also experiencing somnipathy. This isn’t the first time we’ve encountered this issue. Please collaborate with the docs to dig deeper why this is happening. Is software control overiding CNS grid? Have prescribed the usual sleeping tablets and reflashed software with latest update.  Have we got anywhere near completing the auto remote flashing of the chip?  I’ll pop round tomorrow afternoon to chat about it.  In the mean time, please email me the results so far.



TO ALL: all departments

It is Jules Verne’s birthday today, and to celebrate we will be throwing a get together in the Verne building at 9pm.  A number of you didn’t show up for our Chinese new year celebrations but looking forward to seeing you all there tonight.  If you can’t physically make it, feel free to login via the remote-experience bots.


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