Day 27: ftw!!!

I totally win. Yep, it’s true. And as the winner, I humbly dub myself the Computer Master of Amazingness… Of the UNIVERSE (despite my complete and total lack of anything remotely related to technical skill and/or prowess)!!!

That is, however, the extent of what I have to report today. I have nothing fun or insightful, or even slightly interesting to add.

I mean, I did manage to not only get my computer to turn on (a heroic feat in and of itself), but I got everything re-installed from an old computer’s back-up. I also reformatted an external hard drive to work on my laptop, and turned it into a new back-up, even though the box told me that this was an impossibility (dear google and youtube, you are fabulous. The end.). I even had time to download a lot of the applications I need/am addicted to off the internets, and replenished much of my supply of fabulous podcasts, so that I am no longer bored on my morning commute.

And don’t worry, I’ve already given myself congratulatory pats on the back a number of times. Throughout the day… Loudly.

Oh, and the best part of my day (other than when I was taken to this army surplus sale with my boss, where I bought foldable cutlery, reversible trousers, and a headlamp for my impending journey [um, can I just add in an extra ‘amazing’ right here])? Cancelling my appointment with the Apple ‘Geniuses.’ I did it with much gusto and relish, while inside my head, all my officemates cheered me on and clapped in a never-ending standing ovation. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty epic. So yes, today, I totally WIN.

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