Day 26: Turing testy

You know, it really shouldn’t be beyond the bounds of possibility to write a chatbot that would do this.  I agreed to post occasionally as part of this project, but it’s been a busy month, and so often I don’t really have anything to say.  Now obviously a chatbot wouldn’t have anything to say either: you’d need to seed it with something.  But that could be random, drawn from anywhere on the net, a random Wikipedia entry, anything like that.  The ‘bot could then create a whole entry based on that seed and transition probabilities.

Given the difficulty sometimes of getting online (power cuts, network outages) and, in my case, of remembering exactly when midnight is (about two-thirds of the way through my typical working day), it might also make sense to float that chatbot up there in the cloud.  Then it could publish to its heart’s content, or to mine.  All that would remain is coding another ‘bot to read it all…

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