Day 10: otherwise known as positive-thinking monday

Dear all that is holy (i.e. science, my cats, my laptop, etc. and ad nauseam),

Can I just say that I may have overestimated today’s temperature and spent all day shivering at my desk, with the space heater on full, approximately 1.2 feet from my legs (yeah, I measured it)? In theory, I would like to attribute this to the successful integration of one of my New Year’s resolutions into my everyday life; a resolution hereby known as ‘living more positively.’ Unfortunately, the old practical (i.e. generally pessimistic and caustic to a fault) me is pretty sure that I wasn’t thinking while dressing this morning that I was just so cheerful and bright that the world just had to reflect my ‘ sunny-natured affliction,’ but instead merely threw on the first clothes I saw and ran out the door (after, of course, turning off my alarm and going back to sleep until it was 15 minutes before I was supposed to, you know, be at the office), thereby resulting in my aforementioned under-dressed state. Oh well, it’s a Monday. What more can you actually expect?

In keeping with my new stance on positive thinking, however, I will endeavour to summarise this oh so wonderful, first day at work after the weekend (which is totally my favourite day. Every week. I swear.). As is typical of a (sigh) Swiss winter, the world is dark/devoid of anything resembling light from that mythical orb known as ‘the sun,’ grey, cold, windy, and on the verge of some vague form of precipitation. I’m attempting instead to visualise my environment as a mysterious twilight world where possibilities are endless and adventures are bound to happen. The cold is clearly character building (of which my parents have told me many times through both my child and adulthood that I’m in desperate need of), and the (impending) rain is what is going to wash everything clean (including probably myself as I slog home through it) in preparation for another glorious day of the same. The 9+ hours, which, by the time I leave work today, I will have logged in at my desk in front of a computer, is only expanding my horizons and opening my eyes to boundless opportunities, and as of yet un-plundered landscapes of thought, via this things called the interwebs, and is not at all a mind-numbing torture device bent upon reducing my brain to a formless pile of mush day-in and day-out.

See? I totally have this ‘living more positively’ thing in the bag. Next up? Learning how to write non run-on sentences.

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  1. Peter F says:

    Excellent work, you two.

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