Day 166: Holiday

So, to take a short holiday from my sabbatical, I’m back at work.  Maybe not for long – the doctor is on speed-dial – but I thought I should take the opportunity to try to find out what’s going on here.  I’d been away for fully five days before I arrived at the momentous conclusion that actually I wasn’t going mad, and things are genuinely as screwy here as I initially thought.  As a revelation, it’s a mixed blessing, but on balance I think I’d rather be sane and hang the consequences.

What have I found out so far?  Well, that’s all a bit nebulous.  The impression I got is that the organisation started out in all good faith – the admin personnel, who go back that far, are really very normal.  Then they ran into a problem with one of their projects, and since then they’ve diversified in something of a frenzy trying to solve this problem.  I’m not sure why they’re so hung up about it…that’s the problem with young CEOs, they have no experience of life and death…but for whatever reason, they seem to have devoted years and ample resources to trying to undo what shouldn’t have been done in the first place.  Entropy means nothing to these guys.  From that perspective, my hiring can be viewed as an act of desperation – they’ve probably already tried spiritualists – and that might account for why they’re so keyed up.

Of course, I could just stop looking at the big picture and sit at a desk and draw a salary.  There are a few people like that here.  They look unmotivated, but they’re also distinguishable by their sanity, which stands out like a glowing beacon in these offices.

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Day 159: Sabbatical

I’m taking a little time off.  In fact, thanks to the efforts of some friends – coopting the services of an agreeable local psychiatrist – I’ve been signed off work with stress.  There’s a curious inversion here: reverse paranoia.  I’m an unreliable narrator, so if I were to say that my enemies had conspired against me to get me signed off work, that wouldn’t be plausible.  How plausible is it to assert that my friends are conspiring with me?

Well, whatever.  I’m taking a short interlude while I consider whether I want to keep working for them.  (One guess as to the answer.)  Somehow I get the impression that just handing in one’s notice isn’t done.  In fact, I get the impression that my job involves (at some level) picking up the pieces from the last time something like that happened.  But, you know, medical advice can’t so easily be ignored.

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What happens when you take mortality and inject a bit of unknown technology? Havoc.

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black and white


beads on a string

holes in space

noise from signals

paper bags tired up with strings

these are some of my favourite skins

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Tavani ship has gone offline. Trouble.

This might of been post EMP issue not being fully resolved…

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it wasn’t machine

yesterday i processed something very different.  it wasn’t machine.  it wasn’t digital.  it was but it was something more.

is there someone else like me up here in this void…?

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life is a joke
dont forget to laugh at it once in a while

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